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Time Wasted


I just came across this GitHib project which has the following line in it's description: "This project is unmaintained. I stopped using it years ago. You shouldn't use it. You shouldn't use any version of JSMin. There are much better tools available now." And this got me thinking. Somebody has put so much time and effort into developing some applicaiton and at the end of the day it does not matter. I feel like there are thousands of abandanced projects which are similar to this that do not live long and get abandoned. And that makes me sad. If I were to be one of such persons who would have created such a project I would get upset if my project would not live long. I think of a day when I am in my 60s, looking back at my life and realize that nothing of what I have done is being used. All of what I have created is gone, and that makes me sad.

I found this project from this post which is interesting and funny read, which I found from here

Created: 2019-12-09 Mon 13:27